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We are super excited to announce Kennedys book, Kennedy’s Hugs, is finished and her story has been made into a movie which will release in theaters in May 2017.  (

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Kennedy asked us to share her story with the world.  She wanted to help bring Hope, Faith, and Courage to others!

“Dad, I think you should write a book.  You and Mom have some things to do, so continue to share my story with the world!”  Kennedy Hansen

When you order Kennedy’s Hugs Book a portion of the proceeds will go to Kenndy’s H.U.G.S. Foundation (Healing, Uniting, Giving, Sharing) in honor of Kennedy.  The Kennedy’s H.U.G.S foundations goal and purpose is to financially help provide assistance to other families in great need of help with medical costs, equipment, living expenses etc, who are facing a terminal illness. Through this foundation, Kennedy will be able to carry on her great Legacy of Love.

Kennedy's Hugs BookJason and Heather Hansen, authors of the book Kennedy’s Hugs, Share their Experiences with their daughter. After her terminal diagnosis, Kennedy's life would never be the same. But even as her body broke down, her heart never failed, nor did her ability to love.  With each precious passing day, more people witnessed her faith and kindness uniting her community and spreading to millions around the world.  Now you can experience firsthand this incredible true story of unfailing optimism, real miracles, and Kennedy's inspiring legacy of love. 


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FREE SHIPPING! Plus a portion of each sale on this site goes directly to the Kennedy’s Hugs Foundation.

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You can also donate through Mountain America Credit Union Account# 9640296 as a bill pay.

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Kennedy's Hugs Bracelets
One of Kennedy's final requests was that her Kennedy's Hugs Bracelet's be sold in helping the Kennedy's H.U.G.S Foundation.
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